What Are Thermoplastic Pipe Hangers And Why Do Contractors Use Them?

When contractors are working on putting together a piping system inside a building, they will often need to use pipe hangers. Rather than using the traditional metal pipe hangers that were once offered to builders, these contractors will often choose to use thermoplastic pipe hangers because of their convenience and the support they provide to the pipes that will get installed.

What Are These Pipe Hangers?

The thermoplastic pipe hangers are commonly installed inside of different buildings, including homes and commercial properties that may be used for assorted purposes. You can find these hangers in restaurants, hotels, and plenty of other establishments. If there is a piping system in a building, you will usually find the thermoplastic pipe hangers that go along with it to provide the additional support to the pipes. Contractors must make sure that the pipes they are installing have the necessary support to prevent those pipes from collapsing or becoming damaged due to a lack of support. It is the thermoplastic pipe hangers that can keep piping systems in place.

When Is It Best to Use the Thermoplastic Pipe Hangers?

It is best to use the thermoplastic pipe hangers during the construction phase of a building. Different types of hangers are available in assorted sizes. Because different sizes are available, contractors can find pipe hangers that will conveniently fit around the pipes that get installed inside of a building. It does not matter if it is a larger project or a smaller project because there are options for all types of pipes. Before ordering the thermoplastic pipe hangers, contractors should know the following information:

  • The length and width of the pipes that are getting installed
  • The size of the piping system
  • The location of the piping system
  • The type of property that is getting the pipe system, such as residential property or commercial property

Having this information would help the contractors choose the proper thermoplastic hangers to order and use when installing the piping system.

Whether it is a restaurant, hotel, school, or home, a piping system gets installed during the construction phase. When installing pipes, contractors must use thermoplastic pipe hangers to provide support to those pipes. Without having additional support, the pipes can become damaged and possibly even break, causing massive damage and other problems inside a building. While steel pipe hangers were once commonly used, thermoplastic pipe hangers are now preferred by contractors and have been for the past several decades.