A Look At The Pros And Cons Of An Automatic Girth Welder

Building metal tanks is a massive undertaking, and welding is a big part of that process. An automatic girth welder may be one of the best investments ever. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of these industrial machines. 

Pro: These welders allow tanks to be welded quickly. 

The biggest reason business owners invest in these goliath machines is because they offer them the ability to perform a weld on a tank faster than it has ever been possible before. If you are building large tanks and a lot of them, the faster you can get the pieces welded together, the faster you can move on to the next project. Throughout the years, this unyielding efficiency can generate a lot more revenue for your company. 

Con: Automatic girth welders are large pieces of equipment. 

Girth welders are some of the largest types of welders that you can find. Some of them are incredibly sized, which means they can sometimes be harder to haul and harder to store when they are no longer in use. If you have ample hauling equipment and no problem with room for storage, this downfall will be more of a slight inconvenience. 

Pro: The welder eliminates the need for contracted welders. 

If you have issues keeping reliable welders on your team, investing in an automated welder of any kind is one of the most logical investments you can ever make. This welder is going to be present and ready whenever work needs to be done, which means you can eliminate some of the woes that come along with contracting actual people. 

Con: Automatic girth welders can generate a lot of heat during operation. 

One of the few downfalls of an automatic girth welder is that it generates a great deal of heat during the welding process. Some of the most advanced models allow you to adjust the heat output and energy usage during welding processes, but the welder can still function at a higher heat. For the most part, however, this is not a problem. The only situation when the higher temperatures are an issue is if you are working with a more temperature-sensitive metal than the tank is made out of. 

Pro: Girth welders are just as effective at creating a good weld, if not better. 

Even though there are many professional welders who do superb work, there is always room for human error in the welding process. If you have an automated welder to complete tank-building processes, you are always going to have a consistent weld.