How To Save Money On The Cost Of Your Heating Oil

If you use heating oil services for your furnace during the winter, you are probably used to spending a little more money on fuel than you would like. Of course, you might have paid whatever you needed to because you must keep warm and you might not have thought that there was any way to save money when ordering through a heating oil company. The thing is though, there are some ways in which you can save money. You just need to be a little proactive and make use of the following tips:

Check For Leaks

One of the first things you want to do when it comes to saving money on your heating oil costs is to make sure that none of the fuel is being wasted. A lot of people find that they have tiny holes in their fuel tanks and they weren't even aware of it for a long time. The thing is, the hole could be small but the amount of fuel that leaks out over time can be a lot. The more you waste, the more money you spend to replace that lost heating fuel. Take a close look at the condition of your heating oil tank and place cardboard under the tank for a few hours. If you check back and find that there are some wet spots, then you need to repair or replace the tank.

Buy In Bulk

You will want to try to purchase as much fuel at once as possible in order to get the best deal. The less you have to call for fuel delivery, the more you will save because you will not be paying for the set delivery fee. Also, when you buy heating fuel in bulk, you might be able to get a cheaper price per gallon, saving you even more money. If you only have one tank at the moment, make sure that you are filling it up each time you call for fuel. In the meantime, start thinking about purchasing and setting up a second tank. You can then have both tanks filled with heating oil each time you make the call.

After considering those tips, you will find that it is a lot easier to spend less money on your yearly heating oil services. The sooner you start implementing the previously mentioned tips, the easier it will be for you to begin to save money.