Spindle Not Working Properly? 3 Problems It May Be Having

If you work with a machine that has a spindle and the spindle is not working properly, there could be many things wrong. The spindle is an important part of machinery, as this is what rotates the components. This allows the machine that you are using to have the right speed and movement that is needed. Spindles are put through a lot of work, and it is common to have problems with them as they age. To help you determine what is wrong with your spindle, below are three possible problems the spindle may be having.

Spindle Running Backward

If the spindle on the machine that you are using runs backward instead of forward, this is often due to a problem with one of the power leads. Most machines have two power leads. This is something you could replace on your own. First, remove one power lead and replace it to see if the spindle rotates properly. If it does not, put that power lead back and then replace the other one with the new power lead that you have. If the spindle starts working, then this is the problem. It is possible that both power leads have stopped working also. 

Spindle Not Turning

If the spindle is not turning at all, try to turn it by using your hands. If it rotates well when operated manually, try to run the spindle again. The spindle may have been locked up, and you rotating it with your hand can unlock it. If the spindle is still not turning, this means the spindle has actuated while it is running. This will cause the bearings to become damaged. This can also be caused if any valve is leaking. 

Spindle Overheating

If the spindle is overheating, make sure the cooling system is operating in the right way. This includes inspecting the electric fan to make sure it is spinning well and running, checking that there is enough compressed air, and checking that the liquid levels are correct. If all of this checks out fine, the current or the feed rate may be set too high. If everything still checks out, turn the spindle manually. If it sounds noisy while turning, there are likely problems with the bearings. 

It is best to contact a professional repair service to repair your spindles. If you try to do anything on your own, you could easily do things in the wrong way, which will cause further problems. This would end up costing you even more money in repairs. For more information, contact a repair company like HS Spindles, LLC