Exposed To Work-Related Fire Risks? 4 Questions You May Have About Flame Resistant Work Apparel

If you're at risk for burn-related injuries at work, you owe it to yourself to invest in flame resistant clothing. However, if you're like most people, you might have questions about the fabric. Don't let those questions prevent you from getting the protection you need from the clothing you wear to work each day. Here are just four of the questions you may have about flame resistant clothing:

What Is Flame Resistant Clothing?

If you're going to invest in flame resistant clothing, you may wonder what makes the material flame resistant. When you purchase flame resistant clothing, the item is manufactured using material that is self-extinguishing. Self-extinguishing means that any flames will be automatically extinguished as soon as the clothing is removed from the source. One of the benefits of this is that your clothing won't continue to burn once you're out of the danger zone. 

Who Will Benefit From Flame Resistant Clothing?

If you work in a high-risk career, meaning you face the danger of fire on a daily basis, you'll benefit from flame resistant clothing. Unfortunately, you might not realize that you work in a high-risk career. If you're a welder, electrician, utility line worker, or chemical or oil plant worker, you'll benefit from the safety that flame resistant clothing will provide you with. If you're not sure about your risk for fire danger, talk to your plant manager. They can help you assess your need for flame resistant clothing. 

How Should Flame Resistant Clothing Be Cared For? 

Once you purchase flame resistant clothing, you'll need to take special care of the fabric. Flame resistant clothing can lose its protective capabilities with improper laundering. Laundry additives such as bleach and fabric softeners can damage your flame resistant clothing, especially after repeated use of the additives. The best way to care for your flame resistant clothing is to have it professionally cleaned. 

When Should Flame Resistant Clothing Be Replaced? 

Your flame resistant clothing is designed to maintain its protective capabilities for the life of the material - with proper care. However, there are times when the clothing should be replaced. If your clothing is showing signs of age, meaning the fabric is becoming thin in places, you need to have it replaced. Also, if your flame resistant clothing has been damaged during use, meaning there are holes or frayed edges, you should purchase replacements. 

Don't take chances with your on-the-job safety. If you work in a career with an increased risk for fire-related injuries, you need to invest in flame resistant clothing. The information provided here will help answer some of the questions you may have about the apparel.

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