What Is A Firetube Boiler And Why Should You Use One?

Boilers can be used for a lot of things. That can include things like heating for your facility as well as generating the main power or supplementary power for your facility. When it comes to boilers, there are different choices that you can choose from. One choice is to go with a firetube boiler. What is a firetube boiler and what makes it a good idea to use on in your facility?

Firetube Boiler

A firetube boiler is made up of a series of tubes that run through a sealed tank that is full of water. The tubes are attached to the burner of the boiler. Then the heat and exhaust gasses from the fire run through the tubes. As those gasses and that heat runs through the tubes, it heats up the water, which generates the steam. The steam will run through radiators in order to heat your facility, or it will turn turbines in order to generate power. One common example of a firetube boiler is a steam engine. The front of the engine has a large water tank, and there is a firebox. The firebox gets lit and fed, then the steam causes everything to start generating the power in order to move the wheels. So, what are some reasons to use a firetube boiler over another kind of boiler?

Ease of Use

One reason is that firetube boilers are pretty simple. That makes them relatively easy to use. And that starts from when you are setting the unit up to being able to adjust the temperature. That means that just about everyone in your facility should be able to use the boiler to get the power that you need or the heat to your facility. 


The fact that the boiler is fairly simple means that the unit itself is pretty inexpensive. That also means that the accessories that go with the boiler should also be within your budget, which makes it easier for you to get the boiler you need even if you are just starting out and your business is running on a shoestring or you have just expanded your facility and you don't have a lot of working capital at hand. 

If you need to have a boiler at your facility, you might want to consider getting a firetube boiler. There are a lot of reasons that you might want to use one of these in your facility. To learn more, speak with a fire tube boiler manufacturer