2 Reasons To Use A Handheld Bluetooth Scanner

Being able to scan your inventory in your warehouse makes knowing what's in your system much easier. It can streamline your ordering and shipping processes and make sure that your customers are happy. The issue comes with transferring that information from the scanner to the appropriate programs in your system. You don't want to haul a computer around with a scanner attached to it because you run the risk of something getting broken, and you have a limited reach or range. However, you can use a Bluetooth scanner to do the same thing. There are a lot of benefits to using a Bluetooth barcode scanner

Range and Reach

One benefit is that the scanner is going to be handheld, and it will let you go a lot further than you could with something that is attached to your computer. That includes being able to go up on shelves or back into deep shelves. You can leave the computer that the scanner is linked to in a central area, and then go on to all the areas around it. As long as the scanner stays within its Bluetooth range, you can move around and do what you need. The scanners will have a variety of ranges, so you can find one that has a range that will work for you. 


Another benefit is that you can set up the scanner so that the information from whatever it scans goes directly into whatever program that you want to use. That means that you won't have to try to figure out where to put things or where information got saved; it's already right there, in the program. You can then take that information and use it to know if you need to order more of any particular item or if you have a glut of another, which might prompt you to have a sale on that particular item so that you don't have as many in stock. Since inventory management is important, being able to get your inventory updated that quickly and easily will make managing everything easier, which is really important if you have a small business. 

Making sure that you have an accurate record of your inventory is important. You want to make sure that you can meet customers' needs without holding a lot of space with inventory that doesn't move as well. Using a handheld scanner that talks to your computer by Bluetooth will let you do that.