Make Sure Your Company And Employees Are Ready For A Boiler Emergency

If your company uses boilers as part of its regular operations, you likely already know that it's important to keep a close eye on these heavy-duty contraptions. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, things can still go wrong. What's important is that you and your staff are prepared and have a specific plan of action to follow in the event of a boiler emergency. To that end, here are some tips you can follow now to make sure everyone is on the same page if something does go wrong:

Follow a Regular Maintenance Plan

Of course, the best way to deal with boiler emergencies is to do whatever you can to stop them from happening in the first place. A regular maintenance check up from a professional can help catch potential issues and fix the situation before it expands into a full-blown emergency. Make sure your employees are also following a maintenance checklist during their day to day operations and reporting any issues they notice to management. The sooner you get a professional to assist you with your boiler problem, the less chance there will be of something going wrong.

Create a Shutdown Plan

If a boiler starts malfunctioning while it's in operation, it is critical to shut it down as quickly as possible before any more damage is done to the boiler or the rest of your operations. At least one person on every shift should be designated as the person in charge of the shutdown if a situation does occur. But every employee on the staff should also know exactly what to do to take a boiler offline as soon as necessary. A proper shutdown plan that is executed quickly can stop an accident from turning into a disaster. After the boiler is shut down, make sure that all related equipment including the boiler itself is properly tagged and locked down so that it can't be started back up with multiple people knowing about it.

Have Backup Fuel Ready to Go

Boiler emergencies often involve an issue with the fuel supply. If you need to shut down your boiler to get a fuel line fixed, this could lead to a long delay and you could fall behind on your projects. Create a backup plan now for getting the boiler back online after the initial issue is taken care of. You can keep a second fuel source or fuel line nearby and be ready to switch to it when needed so you don't miss a beat.

Contact a professional at the first sign of a boiler emergency.