3 Reasons To Use A Grinding Wheel Dresser

Many pieces of machinery are used in factories to manufacture the consumer goods people rely on each day. One piece of equipment that is commonly found in a manufacturing setting is a grinding wheel.

The grinding wheel is responsible for helping to cut and shape raw materials. Made from a composite of abrasive materials, the grinding wheel releases some abrasive particles each time it is used. This means that the wheel can't last forever, and that the wheel is subject to deformation as a result of use.

A grinding wheel dresser can help extend the life of your grinding wheel by allowing you to better maintain the wheel over time.

1. Re-Shape Your Grinding Wheel

A grinding wheel rotates in order to generate the power needed to cut through raw materials. Any variations in rotation speed can result in uneven wear of the abrasive materials on the grinding wheel. Eventually, the wheel will no longer be perfectly round.

A misshapen grinding wheel won't be as precise as it should be. A grinding wheel dresser can be used to shave off sections of the grinding wheel in order to create a perfect circle once again.

2. Clean Your Grinding Wheel

Some raw materials are more difficult to cut through than others. Working with these materials can take a toll on the effectiveness of your grinding wheel. The abrasive particles that make up the grinding wheel are porous, so shavings from the raw material being cut can clog up the surface of the grinding wheel over time.

A grinding wheel dresser can be used to manually shave off the outer layer of abrasive material. This exposes a fresh layer of abrasive particles, which will be able to function more efficiently than the clogged layer could.

3. Change the Profile of Your Grinding Wheel

Some manufacturing projects may require a grinding wheel with a very specific edge profile. The geometry of the abrasive edge can impact the way that the raw material is manipulated during the grinding process.

Installing a new grinding wheel when a profile change is needed can be time consuming, so you can utilize your grinding wheel dresser to alter the profile of the wheel already in place on your grinding machine.

Dressers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help facilitate the creation of almost any cross-sectional shape that you may need on the edge of your grinding wheel. To learn more about grinding wheel dresser units, you can contact a company in your area like Max Engineering Inc.