Find The Right Flange For Your Industrial Application

When a flange fails, it will need to be replaced. This can lead to a slowdown in your production, so you will likely want to select a flange that will not fail as easily. What determines whether or not your flange will function properly is the material that the flange is made from and whether it maintains a tight fit.

There Are Several Grades Available

You might think that a particular flange is only offered in one grade, but it's more common that a company offers flanges in all available grades. As a result, you will want to contact the company that designs the flanges you use to find out if they create flanges with the grade that you're looking for. 

Stainless Steele Flanges Are Among the Best

Stainless steel is one of the most common types of flanges available. Another very common type of steel is carbon steel. If you want a flange that is lighter, but still relatively durable, you can also choose the aluminum flange. Both the stainless steel and aluminum flanges are resistant to corrosion, but stainless steel is much more resistant. Aluminum flanges can still be vulnerable to pitting.

Stainless Steel Makes Your Product Safer

Stainless steel was designed specifically to thrive in a corrosive environment. This not only ensures that the product that you're using the flange with remains safe, but that it is also hygienic. 

Reference Charts Help You Find the Right Flange

In addition to having the right material grade, you'll need a flange that maintains a tight fit. If you are not sure if the flange will maintain the right fit, you'll want to look at a reference chart. The charts come with illustrations that will assist you in determining which flange you should purchase. 

Flange Specialists Can Help You

You will want to select a company that offers a guarantee that your flange will have the right fit. Fortunately, flanges are inexpensive and custom flange suppliers are often willing to replace a flange that doesn't have a tight fit at a low cost. Contact a specialist to find out which flange will meet your piping specifications. 

Look for ASME Flanges

The best flanges to select are those that meet the specifications of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. You'll need to understand the specifications for the particular type of flange you're purchasing because each type of flange comes with its own particular specifications.

For more information, contact manufacturers and suppliers of stainless flanges.