Regulate Business Fuel Costs

A commercial fueling network (CFN) is a membership-based program that supplies diesel and other fuel products. This type of program can help you regulate fuel costs. 

Convenience Around The Clock

If you oversee a large fleet of vehicles, your drivers need access to fuel each time that they make deliveries. A cardlock fueling station is a station that represents a commercial fueling network. A fuel program provides fleet drivers with a convenient way to refuel their vehicles.

Once you sign up for a program, you will be provided with a card that can be used to make fuel purchases. If you will be the only one provided with a card, you will have full control over how much fuel your employees have access to.

If you would like to provide your drivers with flexibility when purchasing fuel, you can request additional cards through the program that you sign up for. Each person who is responsible for driving one of your industrial vehicles can be equipped with a card. Once a driver arrives at a fuel station that represents the program, they can simply use their card to purchase the fuel that they need.

Real-Time Alerts

After you sign up for a fuel program, you will have the opportunity to receive real-time alerts when fuel is purchased. The alerts will be sent to your email. This type of notification will allow you to keep track of how often fuel is purchased. You will also be furnished with cost details.

Limited Access

A cardlock fueling station only provides fuel to those who have a membership card. Since this type of program is designated for industrial professionals to use, everyday motorists who own standard vehicles will not be purchasing fuel at a cardlock station. This means that a gas station that is part of the fuel program will likely not be crowded when your employees need to refuel their vehicles.

Lower Fuel Costs

One of the biggest perks associated with signing up for a membership-based program is that the cost of fuel products will be kept to a minimum. A fuel program offers wholesale fuel products. Wholesale products do not incur the same costs that retail fuel products cost.

When you initially sign up for a fuel program, you will be advised on which stations provide carlock fuel services. You can research each station to find out how much each type of fuel costs.

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