5 Items A Surplus Equipment Buyer May Buy From Your Construction Business

In the construction business, a lot of what you work with every day can serve purposes time after time. However, there are also components that you no longer need. Here is a look at some of the things a surplus equipment buyer may be interested in buying from you. 

Circuit Breakers 

If you have leftover circuit breakers after a renovation or demolition project that would otherwise not have any value to you, a surplus equipment buyer will likely take them off of your hands. These electrical components hold a high resale value, and surplus buyers tend to offer you cash for the pieces and then sell them to buyers at a slightly higher rate than what they paid to make a profit. Whether the circuit breakers are new or used, you may be able to get a cash offer for them. 


Generators are valuable pieces of equipment, and even generators that are no longer functional usually can be rebuilt or broken down and sold for parts. If you have a generator that was used on a project that you no longer need, or if you have a generator that no longer runs, you can usually sell these units to a surplus equipment buyer. 

Scrap Metal Pieces 

Demolition projects are fairly notorious for generating a lot of scrap metal, but this scrap metal really shouldn't go to the landfill with everything else; it still has value and is easy enough to recycle. Surplus equipment buyers often pick up large amounts of scrap metal after a demolition project, and they will pay you cash for the scrap according to the weight and the type of metal. 


Ball valves, pivot valves, valves from plumbing systems, valves from gas systems—there are many types of valves out there that you may run into every day if you have your own construction business. If you have a surplus of valves after a project, reach out to a surplus buyer. You may be able to get some cash to recoup what you paid for the valves you did not have to use. 

Industrial Equipment 

Finally, many liquidated surplus equipment buyers will pay you cash for pieces of industrial equipment, such as overhead cranes, loaders, dump trucks, and machinery pieces. These companies commonly pick up these items, clean them up a bit and do some refurbishing, and then sell them to buyers for a profit. If you have some equipment you no longer use and want a fast sale, these buyers are definitely worth talking to.