Burner Maintenance Answers For Business Owners

Whether your business uses an industrial boiler or furnace, the burner is a key component. When it suffers problems, the entire system can fail as a result of a lack of heat. Unfortunately, managers often neglect their burners, which can make the business far more vulnerable to burner-related disruptions.

What Causes An Industrial Burner To Experience Problems Or Completely Fail?

There are many potential causes of your burner problems. However, one of the most common will be due to the burner becoming coated in residue from the fuel that it has been burning. In addition to this potential problem, burners can also become clogged due to dust and dirt collecting on them. Lastly, warping and bending are other damages that can occur if the burner is struck by another object.

What Are The Type Of Issues That You Should Look For When Inspecting The Burner?

Inspecting the burner is the most effective and efficient option for finding problems with it before they are able to cause disruptions. Failing to inspect the burners is another common mistake that business owners can make when it comes to this piece of their equipment. During this inspection, you should look for obvious signs of physical damage to the burner as well as obstructions. In addition to these issues, looking for clues for leaks can be another type of problem that may be easy to notice. One of the more challenging problems to notice will be the system being inefficient with burning fuel. However, frequent inspections will give you a reasonable understanding of the rate at which the system accumulates residue. A sudden increase in this rate can indicate that performance problems are occurring.

Can You Upgrade To A Stronger Burner?

In order to improve the performance of the boiler or furnace, a business owner might think that upgrading to a stronger burner will be the solution. While this might seem like it will improve the performance, it can actually cause extensive damage. This is due to the fact that the system will be designed for a burner that outputs heat at a certain rate. Exceeding this design factor can cause the system to experience major damage. If you are needing to improve the performance of your system, it is best to consult with a professional. They can evaluate your needs to determine whether it is possible to safely enhance your current system enough to meet your needs. If this is not the case, these professionals can assist with choosing a new boiler or furnace system that will provide an economical solution.

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